Change to deposit policy for NAVITAS US

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New : “Student Administrative Fee!”

Navitas USA no longer requires students to pay a deposit. Students will now only have to pay a $250 Administrative Fee in order to receive their I-20.

Navitas USA Administrative Fee process;
1. Applicants will submit a fully completed application through their agent.
2. Navitas USA will assess the application and if successful will issue a Letter of Offer.
3. Upon accepting the conditional offer from Navitas USA, applicants must pay an Administration Fee of $250. The administrative fee must be paid prior to the issue of the I—20 and admissions letter from the University.
4. Upon issue of an I-20 to an applicant and conditional upon the applicant obtaining an
F1 - Visa, the applicant is required within 21 days of receiving the Visa to pay Navitas
USA the full cost of the first semester’s tuition and any additional student fees required
by the university of choice. Based on this payment Navitas will then, with the
University, book accommodation and complete student registration and other
pre-arrival administration for the student.
5. Both the Administration Fee and the Tuition/Fees may be paid by credit card
(excluding American Express.)
6. Please note the Administration Fee in non-refundable.
Please update your information where applicable and feel free to contact any Navitas USA Admissions Officer for further information.