Úc – Melbourne: cần tìm phòng – gần Monash Caulfied

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Hi everyone,

I am Trinh, an international student, going to take an undergraduate course at Monash University campus Caulfield. I need a room in a nice place for my study. It is the best if it is near Monash campus or near train station because I travel by public transport.

I am a quiet girl. However, I am totally friendly and easy-going. I love animals although I do not have one here (my house in my country has a dog and a cat, which were really fun). I love cooking, also. Thus, if you are a good cook, let me know that so I will be glad to learn from you.

I can move in on Sunday, 19th June, 2011.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

My contact number: +61 4358 23084

Wish you all the best, Trinh.