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Khi viết essays, đặc biệt cho bài thi IELTS, sử dụng nhuần nhuyễn các từ nối rất hiệu quả khi bạn ‘phô bày’ các kỹ thuật viết câu cho giám khảo. Thường thì các bài viết tốt là các bài có nhiều loại câu – đơn, ghép, phức, và các mệnh đề kết nối với nhau bằng từ nối linh hoạt.


  • in addition

In addition, I would like to point out that my neighbor is disturbing me late at night.

  • and similarly

Your life will change forever and similarly, your whole family will feel the change.

  • likewise

Some people have little time for a hobby, and have likewise little will to get one.

  • as well as

Beauty, as well as smarts, is a remarkable quality

  • besides

We aren’t friends. Besides, I don’t feel it’s my place to set him straight.

  • furthermore

Computers are getting faster and faster these days; furthermore, their cost is getting lower and lower.

  • also
  • moreover

I’ve wanting a change for a long time, moreover, I feel I deserve one.

  • and then too
  • not only … but also

Not only this product is good for your hair, but also for the whole body.


  • first(ly) initially

Initially, you would start putting a plan together.

  • second(ly)
  • to begin with

To begin with, you will need to commit a portion of your time to studying.

  • then
  • next
  • earlier/later

Later on there comes a stage when your skills are put to a test.

  • after this/that
  • following this/that


  • as a result

I studied well and as a result, I got a high score.

  • Thus
  • So
  • therefore

I was younger and therefore, less experienced.

  • consequently
  • it follows that
  • thereby

I upset my friend, thereby causing her pain.

  • eventually
  • then in that case
  • admittedly

Admittedly, he is the smartest person I know.


  • however

The book is expensive, however it’s worth it.

  • on the other hand

She says she feels fine, on the other hand, her face is pale and she doesn’t look healthy.

  • despite
  • in spite of

In spite of the difficulties, the task was completed.

  • though

He still insists, though he knows that won’t do any good.

  • although
  • but
  • on the contrary

The music didn’t lift her spirit, on contrary, it made her feel weak and vulnerable again.

  • otherwise
  • yet instead of

He felt unwelcome, yet instead of leaving, he stayed.

  • rather

Eggs for breakfast is not a good idea, I would rather have some toast.

  • whereas

He was her true love, whereas for him she was just another girlfriend.

  • nonetheless

While they didn’t trust each other, nonetheless they worked together for many years.


  • obviously

I was very disappointed, obviously because my expectations were too high.

  • certainly

I will certainly let her know your opinion.

  • plainly

You are plainly wrong

  • of course
  • undoubtedly

She is undoubtedly very beautiful


  • if
  • unless

I won’t be able to meet you, unless we schedule it in the morning.

  • whether

Whether you like it or not, this is the truth.

  • provided that

I can guarantee a good result, provided that you study.

  • so that

I can send you the documents so that you would have proof.

  • depending on

We can have a picnic this weekend, depending on the weather.


  • in conclusion
  • in summary
  • lastly
  • finally
  • to sum up

To sum up, I strongly support the efforts of our society to help the environment.

  • to conclude
  • to recapitulate
  • in short

Ways to give example

1. To describe sequences of events in Time

  • for instance

There are many schools in many countries you could go to study to, for instance the schools in London or Birmingham.

  • one example

One example of how to get better in cooking would be to start reading recipes.

  • for example
  • just as

I wanted to be home already just as much as a thirsty man in the desert wanted water.

  • in particular

I am referring to my exams, in particular, IELTS and TOEFL.

  • such as
  • namely

My friends, namely Andy and Cindy, have told me about this new exhibition in the city.

  • to illustrate

  2.  To describe Reason

  • since

Since you ask, I’d like to tell you my story

  • because (of)
  • due to

Due to illness of the teacher, this lecture is canceled.

  • owing to
  • the reason why
  • in other words
  • leads to

This assumption leads us to believe that …

  • cause

The cause of this unfortunate accident was…


  • before
  • since

Since 2005 I have been working in …

  • as
  • until

Until now I wasn’t able to find anything like it.

  • meanwhile

Meanwhile, I would like to ask for your patience.

  • at the moment

At the moment I am experiencing financial difficulties.

  • when
  • whenever

Whenever I call him, he appears to be very busy.

  • as soon as
  • just as

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