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Event: Unlock the right opportunity with the right course – Sydney and Melbourne in May 2017

Được viết bởi Set Education. Đăng ngày 20/04/2017. Đăng trong Hội thảo. Lượt xem : 2805

In the past few months, Australia Immigration Law underwent some major changes which directly affected international students. These changes can be summarised as follows:

  • The new and updated List of Level 1 Institutions require the students to be more well prepared for the student visa application due to the higher requirements in Financial capacity and English proficiency.
  • Visa 457 is abolished and replaced with the completely new Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa in March 2018.
  • 200 occupations were removed from the skill list to thoroughly and truly reflect the demand in the current labour market of Australia.

Facing these major transformations, international student can challenge the higher requirements by preparing yourself with practical experiences that relate to your academic disciplines. Our biggest event host by SET Education will provide you with beneficial information of:

2:30pm - 6pm (in exhibition room)

  • Apply for course which is embed Internship and work placements (both paid and upaid) in the course to maximize your employability. You will receive valuable advice from reputable colleges and universities' representatives. 
  • CV and interview coaching services to increase your chance to find a desired job position. This service is suitable for final year students or who are seeking for jobs.
  • Apply for RPL to get instant Australia qualification within a 3- 4 weeks based on your working experience without studying to shorten your waiting time before applying for working visa.
  • Apply for scholarship to assist your study and make your resume standing out from the crowd

3:30pm - 3:45pm (in info session room):

  • The Swinburne Advantage: Work Integrated Learning opportunities that will turn knowing into know-how!

3:45pm - 4pm (in info session room):

  • Professional Year program for Accounting and IT students - more than just 5 points

4:30pm - 5pm (in info session room):

  • Updated immigration news and receive free advices from qualified migration agent for your migration plan in Australia

100% chance to receive gifts and scholarships when attending our event:

  • Voucher $500 VISA Fee + VTAC/UAC fee for Year 12 international student apply to study in 2018 through SET Education with a friend  
  • Gift voucher 20% of CV writting and interview couching services + application fee total value $265 when you apply for 2017 intake  
  • 100% oppoturnities for getting door gift from lucky wheel
  • 20 early bird gift vouchers $15 for online registration and attend the event early

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City Time Location

2:30pm - 6pm
Saturday, 20/5/2017

register now button pilll red hi

Metro Hotel Marlow Sydney Central
431-439 Pitt Street, Sydney


2:30pm - 6pm
Saturday, 27/5/2017

register now button pilll red hi

CAE building
level 4, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

See you at the event!


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