Scholarship’s for Certificate IV in Foundation Studies KINGSTON INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE

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Kingston International College welcomes Vietnamese students to Perth, Western Australia. We offer Vietnamese students the chance to win TWO 50% scholarship’s of tuition only to study at Kingston International College, Certificate IV in Foundation Studies (Global Assessment Certificate), valued at $AUD 8,100 + $AUD 8,100.


1. Yr 12 graduates.

2. IELTS score of 5.5

Selection Process

1. Complete Details on the Entry Form and have your have your local agent email to Kingston International College’s Scholarship Committee.

2. The scholarship winner will be drawn announced on 22nd of November 2009 during the HCMC AUSTRADE Expo at the end of the PEC (Perth Education City) Seminar.

3. Only one scholarship per student is allowed.

4. All winners will be notified.


Garath Mouncey – Asia Marketing Manager.

Swan Barracks Heritage Centre-8 Francis St, Perth WA 6000





Scholarship Terms and Conditions

This information is for those students seeking a scholarship from Kingston International College.

Reasons for not being awarded a scholarship are not provided

Scholarship is for tuition fee’s only. Other costs, such as book fee, airport pickup, accommodation and meals are the responsibility of the student.

The period of time the scholarship offered for is clearly stated and not extendable.

All scholarship students should be in good mental and physical health and must advise the scholarships office of any condition they may have.

Please note that when requested scholars are required to show originals (not photocopies) of transcripts and documents submitted in evidence with their scholarship application. If there is any question of authenticity, the scholarship award will immediately be invalidated and withdrawn. The College accepts NO liability in this case.

It is the scholarship recipient has the responsibility to set a good example, e.g. strive for best results, attend classes, finish the course on time and continue to demonstrate the exemplary student attributes/grades. The scholarship recipient should maintain minimum of 90% attendance and 80% average grade mark through the program.

In the case where a scholarship recipient delays in completing their course in the allocate period, they may be responsible for paying any additional charges. Kingston International College has the right to withdraw offer of scholarship if visa is refused or late for advertised class start date.

We may feature your interview/photo/profile/story on the Kingston International College’s website and/or College publications and will normally ask for your permission/approval prior to publishing this.

The College reserves the right to utilise this information in the promotion of the College and in any other student recruitment and/or Scholarship promotion activities.

The College reserves the right to investigate and possibly withdraw a person from the scholarship program, if there is adequate proven evidence of serious allegations of illegal activities discovered.

The College reserves the right to make reasonable changes to this contract at any time and will advise valid scholars if this occurs, as and when required. 

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