What are Medicine graduates jobs besides Nurse and Doctor?

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[:en]Many young people are interested in studying abroad in health care industries such as: Doctors, Nurses, Nursing, Community Health Care… But you should also know, in addition to those HOT industries, the industries below are also in need of human resources!

1/ The Insurance Specialist

An Insurance Specialist is a trained person who helps the individuals selects health insurance packages based on the market information, and helps determine which buyers are eligible for tax credits or subsidies. They can also help the customer apply for the insurance packages.

The average salary of Health Insurance Specialist is about 30 AUD/hour, and the Health Insurance Specialist will work for most the Local Agencies and the State; the majority of the agency is funded by the Government. Each Agency will require different professional qualifications, but they must complete a Certificate Course of 20-30 hour before practice.

2/ Consulting Industry

Whenever there is a major change in the industry, a consultant will be trained to help the Enterprises understand and adjust to accommodate those changes. From the Enterprises that need advice on the best way to maximize the benefits for their employees to the medical providers who want to improve the quality of service due to they provide, or the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Company…

In general, the consulting work requires a high level of education (most consultants have the Master’s Degree or higher) and many years of experience, but the salary level received is also commensurate with those requirements – the average salary is 80,000 AUD per year or more.

3/ Health Administration

Currently, the healthcare industry is heavily dependent on quantitative analysis. There needs someone to be responsible for managing the quality of care – and analyzing the numbers – that is the job of health administration. However, it is not only related to the creation of new career prospects for the graduates. As the scope of the industry expands, the Doctors and Hospitals will have to further improve the provision of services. Health administration service is needed to help develop the programs in order to improve the access of health care and education services in the community.

The change in the face of the medical industry also increases the need for better communications – including both inside and outside – and more effective human resource management. Health administration job also earn the average salary of about 88,000 UAD per year. Most only need a Bachelor’s Degree, but the Master’s Degree will be preferred.

4/ Medical Data Entry

The estimated number of patients who are discharged and hospitalized is up to 40 million new customers that need to be stored in electronic data. Because the requirements of the new Law are very stringent and require a lot of in-depth knowledge of medical terminology, it will reduce existing data entry productivity – thereby increasing the need for medical data entry staff. On average, the medical data entry staff will earn about 45,000 AUD to 60,000 AUD per year; and most the Bachelor’s Degree is not required.[:]