Hoàng Vy nghĩ gì về trường anh ngữ SCE

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Nguyễn Mạnh Hoàng Vy

"I've studied at SCE for more than 3 months and what I would like to say is that the time I've spent here is worth it. I used to be quite unsure of my English before, especially speaking skill, but now I feel more confident to take the next step into college. SCE offers a friendly environment in which students can have close association with teachers who are willing to help at any time. Even when you have troubles in your life outside studying English, they could be the ones that you can ask for some good advice. My staying here is also considered a fantastic experience because I've met many interesting people along the way, who come from different countries all over the world. Making friends with them is obviously a great chance for me to get to know other minds and lifestyles from other cultures, and I know for sure that some of these friendships will last forever."