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Task 2

Some people think that government should ban dangerous sports while others claim that they have freedom to choose sports. Discuss both view and give your opinion.


Part 1

            What kind of animal is popular in VN?

            Which animals are helpful for farmer?

            Do you like wildlife animal? What kind?

Part 2

            Describe something expensive that you have bought

                        What it is

                        Where you bought it

                        Why you bought it

Part 3

Why do people want to buy unnecessary things?

            What do children often want to buy?

            How do people spend their money on leisure time?


 2. Topic 2 (Tháng 11/2011)


 Task 1

 Multiple line graphs show unemployed rate in United Kingdom, Europe and Japan

 Task 2

 The development of economy leads to the development of the world, however some recent surveys show that people living in developing countries are happier than the ones in developed countries. Why? And what you have learnt from this?

 3. Topic 3 (Tháng 09/2011)

 Task 1

 Bar charts show the numbers of consumers in 4 markets: America, Asia, Europe and Africa from 2002 to 2006

 Task 2

 People said that we cannot get skills to become truly successful person in this modern life from a university or any academic institutions. Do you agree or disagree? Example?


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