Cập nhật 03 đề Task 1 của General Training Module

Gửi Email bài này

  • What you apologise
  • Why the damage happened
  • What will do to fix the problem

(Cám ơn bạn T.T.H.A Lớp IELTS B tại SET đã chia sẻ thông tin đề này)

Test Date: 10/05/2008 GT Module

A company is looking for a tour guide for the tourists coming to town. You are interested in the position as a tourist guide there.
Write a letter to the manager. In your letter:

  • Where you read that information
  • Explain the reason why you are suitable as a tour guide
  • Ask for more information about the job

(Cám ơn bạn T.T.A Lớp IELTS A đã chia sẻ đề thông tin này cho các bạn quan tâm.)

Test Date:06/12/2008

You are going overseas. Write a letter to ask your friend to stay and look after your house during the time you are away.

Write a letter to him/her. In the letter:

  • Thank your friend for his/her help.
  • Date and time for the house key
  • What you want him/her to do

(Đề thi này do bạn N.V.N chia sẻ. Xin cảm ơn bạn)