Build up vocabulary for daily use (Topic 2): Independence Day

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Things associate with Independence Day

Verbs may be used to talk about history


Places to go 


Things to do: 

1. Hang flag from your house roof, car, or your work building. Look for other places to display the flag, such as on your bike or scooter, a string of flags for a party in your yard or local park, or a large flag hanging from a window.

2. Get a copy of the Declaration of Independence and read it. Read it to your kids. It's only about a page or two. It's one of the all time greatest documents and that makes great reading. Remember what we fought for and why it's still worth fighting for

3. Dress up patriotically. Some citizens choose to wear clothes that have the national flag design on them, or choose to wear the same color with their national flag

4. Show your support by watching a local parade in your community or city.

5. Enjoy a dinner or picnic with family or friends. Get together early to spend more time for each other.

6. Get active by getting involve in activities. Both on the Independence Day and the days around it, there will be a number of festivities, fireworks displays, and other fun you can join in depending on where you live.

(source: wikihow)

An outline for describe a celebration

Time of the celebration:

It is celebrated on …/ It is held on …/ It falls on …/ it takes place on …/ It happens on …

Purpose of celebration:

It celebrates … / It is the time when …

Main activities of the day:

On this day, people often do/ go/ visit …

Common questions:

  1. What are some things you do to celebrate holidays? / How do you celebrate your Independence Day? / How is Independence Day celebrated in your country?
  2. What is the title of the National Anthem? What story does the song tell?
  3. Who is the current President of your country?
  4. Was your country ever a colony? If so, when did your country gain independence? If not, did your country have colonies?
  5. Who did they name this monument after? (Tượng đài được đặt theo tên của ai?)
  6. Who is the person in this statue? (Bức tượng này là hình tượng của ai?)
  7.  Would you call your self a patriotic?
  8. Are you a history buff? (Buff = a person who knows a lot about something because he/ she is interested in that subject, eg: car buff, sport buff)

Some common responses:

It’s Independence Day and I feel really nationalistic.

Independence Day has become just a Feel Good Day

It is a good day to remember our past, our history, and our roots.

Today is the day of celebration.

Notice: Make sure you capitalize each word of Independence Day.


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