Bài giải mẫu Writing Task 2 band 7 – chủ đề ‘teachers’

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A motivation for self-development

Students’ opinion on teachers’ performance may provide valuable information about their teaching methods and materials. It is important for the instructors to be aware of what concepts that learners left class uncertain about so that they can make changes to the lesson content and the way they explain it.

A better way to deal with irresponsible or incompetent teachers

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To some degree, feedback from students will help the school board to keep track of idle or unskilled teachers in order to offer further training. This policy would not only give educators room for review and improvement but also assure concerned parents of teaching quality and maintain a positive school image.

Increased disrespect for teaching practices

Disobedient students misuse their right and strongly criticize those who gave them low grades or who are strict and demanding. Their biased inputs could humiliate teachers in front of their students, or worse, their colleagues. This is natural when learners believe that they are qualified to comment on teaching effectiveness while they do not, in fact, have appropriate knowledge and skills.

More unwillingness to discipline students for fear of bad ratings

To gain favour with students, a teacher may directs a lesson according to the class mood or become overly forgiving. Bad students would ignore the rules and grow less afraid of punishment, which makes it difficult to maintain order in the classroom.

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