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Topic SPEAKING tháng 7.2011 từ Vietnam




– What is your full name?
– What do you like about your house?
– Is there anything you don’t like about your house?
– What would you like to change about your house?
– Do you like your name?
– Would you like to change your name?


Cue card


Describe your regular walks, please say


– Where do you walk?
– Whom do you walk with?
– What do you see on the way?
– Explain why you are walking regularly.




– Why does walking make people healthier?
– Why do people like walking in the morning?
– Do you think different ages have different ways to exercise?
– What activities are better than walking for people who want to keep healthy?

Topic SPEAKING tháng 6.2011 từ Vietnam




– Can you tell me your full name?
– Please describe your apartment.
– What do you like about it?
– Is there anything you would like to change in the apartment?
– Is color important when you buy things? Why?
– Do you like dark or light colors? Why?
– How important were colors to you when you were a child?
– Do you like your name?
– Have you ever wanted to change your name?
– Who is the one that usually names a child in your country?
– Tell me about the tradition of giving names in your country.


Cue Card


Talk about a character that you admire from your childhood. Please say


– Who was he/she?
– What was he/she like?
– What did he/she do?
– Explain why you admire this character.




– What types of characters do adults usually admire these days? Why?
– Why do people still admire the character even if they know it’s not real?
– What are the characteristics of an actor that is widely admired?
– How much can a character from a movie affect our real life? Why?

Topic SPEAKING tháng 6.2011 Từ Úc




– What is your name?
– What would you like me to call you?
– What type of job are you doing?
– Do you like this job?
– If you were given a chance, would you change the job?


Cue Card

Talk about a good quality of your character. Please say

– What quality is this?

– How do you manage to keep this good quality?

– Do your family members appreciate this quality of your character?


– What qualities of character are needed for someone to become your friend?

– Do you think you can make friends only with people of similar character?

Topic SPEAKING tháng 7 từ Malaysia


– What is your full name?
– What should I call you?
– Can I see your ID?
– Are you currently working or studying?
– Where are you from?

– Do you like swimming?
– Do you think children should learn swimming?
– Do people in your country like swimming?
– Do you like swimming in the sea or in a swimming pool?
– Do you use a computer?
– What is your opinion about computers?
– What do you like to learn about computers?

Cue card

Describe the type of clothes you like to wear, please say

– Where do you buy clothes?
– How often do you go to buy clothes?
– How do you choose clothes?
– Why do you like to buy clothes?


– Do you pay much money for clothes?
– How do people judge others by their clothes?
– What is your opinion about fashion?
– Why do some people like fashion?
– What is the negative side of fashion?














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