QUT Launches Motorsport Car powered by students

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QUT university students have made the QUT Motorsport Club famous by successfully launching electric vehicles (QEV-4) and driverless vehicles (QEV-3D) at the Formula SAE-A competition in Melbourne.

QUT Motorsport: The story of the unexpected success of QUT students

Formula SAE-A is an annual competition held in Australia, organised by SAE International. The competition provides numerous opportunities and challenges student teams to design small racing cars according to Formula specifications. This engineering and technology project is evaluated both on and off the track.

For the 2023 competition, QUT Motorsport has around 50 participating students, with up to 37 advancing to the national round in Melbourne from December 14th to 17th, held at Calder Park Racetrack.
This event signifies a significant milestone for QUT Motorsport, as it marks the debut of their electric vehicle (QEV-4) in the FSAE-A dynamic events.
The QEV-4 showcases some of the most advanced technology and specifications ever produced by QUT Motorsport. It is the culmination of three years of effort, with initial designs drafted in 2021, chassis manufactured in 2022, and components assembled onto the vehicle in 2023. This project serves as a hands-on experience for students, with the majority of design and construction work carried out on the QUT campus.

A brief of QUT Motorsport Club

QUT Motorsport is a club specialising in researching and manufacturing specialised racing cars for Formula SAE. The club’s participants are primarily engineering students, but students from various fields such as business, design, science, information technology, psychology, and more also participate.
At QUT Motorsport, students are offered a four-week internship opportunity each year, from January to February. The club aims to transition into a full-time engineering company, allocating potential projects to club members to facilitate operational collaboration. This is where most vehicle design work is completed, providing an excellent opportunity for interested students to gain Work Integrated Learning (WIL) hours towards their degree. The club is considered a valuable and exciting platform for QUT University students. Additionally, students accumulate practice hours (Work Integrated Learning – WIL) throughout the year, enhancing their practical skills and leaving a lasting impression on employers during their academic journey.
Participating in QUT Motorsport offers excellent job prospects for students after graduation, providing expanded networking opportunities within the industry and the chance to embark on various projects with partners in their field of interest.
QUT is truly an ideal “destination” for those passionate about technology and engineering, offering the opportunity to pursue dreams and ambitions for their future academic and career journey.

What to know about QUT

QUT (Queensland University of Technology) is a leading technological research institution in Australia.
QUT boasts a multicultural environment, with over 53,000 students, including more than 8,000 international students from 120 countries worldwide.
QUT offers a highly acclaimed teaching program, with esteemed faculty and a diverse range of courses. This ranges from Bachelor’s to Doctoral levels across numerous disciplines.
Recognised both domestically and internationally, QUT has achieved notable rankings in global education assessments:
  • Ranked 189th on the QS Rankings 2024
  • Ranked 199th on THE Rankings 2024
  • There have been 128 winners of The Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) since 2000
  • Ranked 111-120 on the QS Employability Ranking 2024
  • Ranked 3rd Top Business School in Australia (AFR BOSS rankings 2024)
  • QUT has 5 majors listed in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2024
> Communication and Media Studies: ranked 19th (ranked 1st in Australia)
> Nursing: rank top 30
> Engineering (Mineral and Mining): ranked 42nd
> Art and Design: ranked top 51-100
> Education and Training: ranked 72nd

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