Study abroad in Australia

Explore the Destination Australia Scholarship for International Students

Written by Nghi. Published on 16/05/2024. Posted in Study abroad in Australia. View : 694
Are you dreaming of studying abroad in Australia, exploring new lands, and experiencing unique cultures? Do you want to reduce the burden of school fees and living expenses? The Destination Australia Scholarship will help you feel more secure in conquering knowledge in Australia! The Destination Australia Scholarship is a program sponsored by the Australian Government...
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học bổng du học set

Get Ready for New Education Journey with SET Scholarship 2024

Written by Nghi. Published on 10/05/2024. Posted in Study abroad in Australia. View : 57
Accompanying international students on their journey to acquire new knowledge, SET Education is pleased to announce to high school international students and parents the SET Scholarship 2024 program, valued up to $2,024. SET Scholarship exclusively for Year 12 international students in Australia! Scholarship for a group of friends applying together: Application fee for UAC/VTAC/SATAC/QTAC: valued...
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Studying abroad with TOP 8 labour-shortage professions in Australia

Written by Nghi. Published on 26/03/2024. Posted in Carousel, Study abroad in Australia. View : 292
With the rapid spread of trends and remarkable advancements in technology, it’s evident that the world is transforming at an unprecedented pace. This poses a new challenge for individual career development. Understanding these changes and leveraging them can create significant opportunities for your career. In this article, let’s explore the top occupations and skills that...
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Conquering the Genuine Student Test (GST) – Vital Step in Your Australian Study Journey

Written by Nghi. Published on 19/03/2024. Posted in Study abroad in Australia. View : 533
It is anticipated that the visa policy will experience ongoing modifications, and visa applicants will now be obliged to take the Genuine Student Test (GST) instead of the previous GTE test. To gain a better comprehension of this test, let’s find out in this article.
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ISAT – UCAT – GAMSAT International Certificates: Meeting the entry requirements when studying Medicine in Australia

Written by Set Education. Published on 21/02/2024. Posted in Study abroad in Australia. View : 5025
Would you like to know specifically how rigorous it is to study Medicine in Australia? Let’s learn about ISAT, UCAT, GAMSAT certificates with SET Education! These are the indispensable entry certificates when you decide to study Medicine in Australia. Requirements to study Medicine in Australia Medicine is one of the tough professions and requires you...
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Studying Medicine in Australia for Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs: What you need to know (Part 1)

Written by Set Education. Published on 21/02/2024. Posted in Study abroad, Study abroad in Australia. View : 10084
Studying medicine in Australia has become a thought-provoking choice for students around the world. According to QS World University Rankings by Subject 2019, there are 4 Australian universities in the Top 50 Life Sciences and Medicine universities in the world. These are the University of Melbourne (#21), the University of Sydney (#23), the University of...
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As a Psychology graduate in Australia, What jobs can you do?

Written by Set Education. Published on 21/02/2024. Posted in Study abroad in Australia. View : 615
Psychology has become more demanding in Australia. Therefore, this major attracts a lot of interest from international students when they come to Australia. Since Psychology requires some specific skills and high science knowledge, students need to be prepared before pursuing a profession. Let’s learn about Psychology with SET Education to be better prepared! Psychology workforce...
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