Studying abroad with TOP 8 labour-shortage professions in Australia

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With the rapid spread of trends and remarkable advancements in technology, it’s evident that the world is transforming at an unprecedented pace. This poses a new challenge for individual career development. Understanding these changes and leveraging them can create significant opportunities for your career. In this article, let’s explore the top occupations and skills that...
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News point

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“How to apply for a scholarship to study abroad?” – This is probably a common question for most international students to find a solution for reducing the economic burden, or simply a challenge that they set for themselves. So, how to apply for a scholarship to study abroad? Let’s explore with SET Education through this...
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How does IELTS affect your opportunity to study abroad?

Written by Set Education. Published on 21/02/2024. Posted in English, English information, English information - IELTS exam questions, General news, Study abroad in Australia, Study Abroad Information. View : 2497
Why do you need IELTS? IELTS certificate is no longer strange to young people; it is not only to support in applying for top universities but also as a passport ticket to open the door to study abroad. Let’s find out what advantages IELTS certificate will bring through this article together with SET Education! FOR...
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Things no one told you before about studying abroad

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Studying abroad brings you to a new horizon, kind of a dream for thousands of students. The life of studying abroad will provide you with extremely valuable and memorable experiences. On this journey, you will have chance to discover unique things that you can only experience when living in a foreign country on your own....
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