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Assignment Advice Session: Exclusively for international students in South Australia

Written by mktintern. Published on 21/05/2024. Posted in Workshops program. View : 6
Are you a Year 12 student in South Australia worried about the upcoming SACE exam? Wondering how you can avoid common mistakes and achieve high scores? Or are you a university student buried in a pile of deadlines due at the end of this semester? Let SET EDU and our reputable partners support you with...
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Explore the Destination Australia Scholarship for International Students

Written by Nghi. Published on 16/05/2024. Posted in Study abroad in Australia. View : 694
Are you dreaming of studying abroad in Australia, exploring new lands, and experiencing unique cultures? Do you want to reduce the burden of school fees and living expenses? The Destination Australia Scholarship will help you feel more secure in conquering knowledge in Australia! The Destination Australia Scholarship is a program sponsored by the Australian Government...
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Get Ready for New Education Journey with SET Scholarship 2024

Written by Nghi. Published on 10/05/2024. Posted in Study abroad in Australia. View : 57
Accompanying international students on their journey to acquire new knowledge, SET Education is pleased to announce to high school international students and parents the SET Scholarship 2024 program, valued up to $2,024. SET Scholarship exclusively for Year 12 international students in Australia! Scholarship for a group of friends applying together: Application fee for UAC/VTAC/SATAC/QTAC: valued...
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05 Networking Tips when Studying Abroad

Written by mktintern. Published on 02/05/2024. Posted in Study abroad. View : 51
For international students, networking skills are indispensable as they help you gain new knowledge, introduce you to new perspectives of life, and importantly, provide opportunities for employment and career advancement from the people you meet. However, networking during your study journey in a foreign country is never easy. The following article will assist you with...
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Study Abroad Tips: Consider to Change if you are Doing these

Written by mktintern. Published on 01/05/2024. Posted in Share. View : 604
Danh Kevin (a student of SETizens) will provide you with a more realistic perspective and \experience for yourself before embarking on your study journey in Australia. 1.  Focus Solely on Studying Studying is important for students studying abroad. However, exclusively concentrating on academics without allocating time for extracurricular activities can be detrimental. When you focus...
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