Is changing educational institution and program after arriving in Australia easy?

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Each international student in Australia has a different study pathway. There are international students having excellent academic performance, encountering no obstables, and even completing their program on schedule or early. On the other hand, some students just realized the major, study environment, teaching method is not suitable for them after coming to Australia. They may decide to change their program and institution after realizing their interest in another field. It is not hard for international students to transfer to another program or educational institution. However, in some cases, due to lack of information about visa requirements and current university’s policy, some students have done a wrong process which wastes their time and money or even affects their visa. The standard process and notes for changing program and university will be presented below.

1. Change the program within the institution
In case student decides to continue to stay at the current institution because they like the teaching method, study load and lessons, they are totally able to transfer to another faculty (if the current institution has the major that student is interested in). Generally, transferring within the same institution will save time and money.
Besides, while transferring to a new program, credits for subjects completed in the previous program might be transferred. There is a higher possibility of having credits transfer approved for students transferring onto the new program within the same university.
To apply for program transfer, student can contact Student Services / Student Centre for detailed instruction on the process. Student will receive the confirmation about their transfer via email within 1-2 weeks after. Due to COVID-19, please contact them via email.

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2. Change institution

Policy and definition students must know:

Student can apply for transferring onto another university after finishing at least 6 months of the main program. In case student has package programs, the main program is the last program.
If students want to change their university before finishing 6 months of the main program, the new university will only accept if the current university issues the release letter.
Please be advised that procedures of transferring to another university are more complicated than transferring onto a new program at the same university. Students should contact SET Education for consulting and support for free.

We will:

–       Advise, help fill application form to apple for a new university. If you choose a university in another state, SET Education will provide you with more information about weather, lifestyle at that state so that you can have a best preparation.

–       Advise about the format of release letter.

–       Advise about the offer acceptance and fee submission. Also, help with program withdrawal procedures at the current university.

–       Assist with student visa extension
* Notes:

– Since the processing time for release letter might be long, students need to plan for the transfer early.

– After receiving the enrolment confirmation for the new university, students should withdraw their courses at the current university as soon as possible in order to not pass Census date and not being liable for tuition fees at the current university.

– If the gap between the old program and the new program is longer than 2 months, SET Education will assist you in registering for a course to fill the gap so that student will not breach visa conditions.


(Written by Thái Trần – SET EDUCATION)

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